Holiday Cut-Out is Our Most Requested Cookie

Randall Bakery's Holiday cut-out butter cookie is by far our most requested cookie.
As each holiday approaches, our customers start asking for and advance ordering
these tasty treats.
These cookies, made from quality ingredients are derived from a recipe passed down by Rick's
Grandfather Jim. They are the perfect flavor balance, not too sweet and with the perfect amount of frosting.
These irresistible cookies are available with or without colored sugar crystals.
Each holiday brings a different shape. Valentine's Day has hearts, St Patrick's Day is shamrocks, Easter is
bunnies and eggs, 4th of July is a white round with red and blue sprinkles, Halloween is an orange round with
scary faces, Summer is flowers and fish, Fall is leaves, and Christmas has trees, stars, snowflakes and bells.

We literally sell thousands upon thousands of these cookies each year, (somewhere around 12,000).

Holiday Cut-Out Cookies
Cut-Out Cookies Waiting for Frosting
Easter Bunny & Egg Cut-Outs