Randall Bakery buns

Our buns truly are second to none, if you've ever had a burger on one of our buns we think you'll agree. We offer several different varieties, including:
Regular and Large Hamburger, Potato Bun, Hot Dog, Chicago Style Hot Dog w/ Poppy Seed, Brat, Foot Long Sub, Hoagie / Steak,
Kaiser, Hard Roll, Artisan French Roll, plus special order buns.

Our Potato Bun is the most popular. We sell hundreds of dozens of these buns on the Holidays.

Call us with orders large or small.

All of our buns, except Potato Buns, are sliced free of charge.

Kaiser, Hard Roll and Potato Buns
Hot dog Buns, Foot Long Sub and Brat Buns
Artisan French Rolls
Hamburger Buns
Hoagie Bun / Steak Bun
Brat Buns